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Hot Balls of Plasma Matter Wars: A Fading Hope

A Star Wars (A New Hope) Parody

What if Luke Skywalker had an I.Q. that made an amoeba look clever? What if Darth Vader was just marginally more competent than the Stormtroopers working under him? How would the generals on the Death Star react if the Emperor forgot to put on pants one morning? What if the destruction of Alderann was merely an accident? What if the Millennium Falcon was literally falling to pieces? These questions are now answered in Hot Balls of Plasma Matter Wars!

(Released April 3, 2014)

Hot Balls of Plasma Matter Wars: The Empire Strikes Out

An Empire Strikes Back Parody

--- Now Being Written ---


The Political Debate

What might the next presidential debate look like? To you, it will be one big waterfall of tears. You'll either laugh 'till you cry or bawl your eyes out because you recognize all of the screwballs both behind the podium and in the audience!

Read The Political Debate now!

(Released July 3, 2014)

Copyright Information

Let's get the obvious out the way. The current copyright (and patent and trademark) system makes my parodies and satires look sane. As such, I want to improve the current system while working within it.

Because of this and my personal goals, each piece of work will carry its own specific copyright, but you can read a brief synopsis of everything and get a quick idea of what I want. Overall, I think what I offer is pretty generous.

If you're looking to make money off my ideas, you'll need to read The Ten Year Idea. The Ten Year Idea is my overarching philosophy about what I believe a new and revamped copyright system should look like. I am trying to keep not only what I write within this framework, but anything made from my scripts as well.

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